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SOD: Highlights from the article "Secrets of the Set"

"Paycuts, contract changes and tactical renegotiations are the name of the game in today's soap environment." It's all about budget. It's not just the veteran actors who were asked to take pay cuts. The number of people on the crew has been cut also.

Actors are left with very little bargaining power and it's a take it or leave it kind of attitude because of all the younger actors who will work for anything. The pay scale has changed. Contract renewals don't go so well because of this and a lot of vets are off contracts which just hurts them. Vets are made to feel that they are lucky for whatever they get and it does no good to complain. Psychologically, the writers will stop writing for a vet actor 10 weeks beforehand when a veteran actor is in renegotiation talks. Management will come in and give them a low ball offer and they take it because they want to work.

Stars are quietly transitioned to a new status too. They will tell the actors that they are going from contract to recurring but they aren't permitted to say anything. They will keep them in opening credits because people know when they're out of that or out of credits, there's been a change. There are many actors on recurring that we think are contract.

There's a push for younger actors but some actors feel that they need to please the audience. "I don't know a ton of 16 year olds watching Bold & Beautiful or GH or whatever show. The way I look at it, there's a finite time that the shows will have with its audience, so why not give your audience that history....".

This person interviewed feels that bringing back a big name from the show doesn't necessarily mean that it will work. You can't have the show bring back a person and have that person only work one or two days a week and have them doing nothing. It doesn't work.

For those favorites that were on shows that have a hard time getting back in the business? There's no room and not enough shows to do that. The show has all the power. Many actors can't get a job on another soap.

Because of the production models, there's not much room for creativity within a scene. If there's hair in someone's face or if something is in the background that shouldn't be there, it doesn't matter. There's not much rehearsal time and some actors feels like they aren't part of the creative process. The most important part...getting it done.

Writing....not much interaction between actors and writers. Not many people fight for their characters because it wouldn't accomplish anything. The power of the actor has diminished. This actor didn't get the feeling that the writers were writing what they really wanted but isn't sure if it's network interference or just money talking.

People are worried that things will end for them at any time. The vets feel this more because the newbies don't really know any better.

They are thankful for the fans because they stick with them...always!

(Honestly this shit has been going on since before GL was canceled...Sad but true. I still find no excuses for the writing to be less than for no reason!!)
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