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Interesting bit on dugpa on that first Showtime teaser..

>> Regarding teasers and marketing, I know a person involved with making that teaser. He went to location (which he does for many shows) to get press material, ie interviews with cast and crew. He said he couldn't get any time with anybody and was kept in the dark for his entire time in Washington. Finally he saw Michael Horse sitting down and asked if he could ask him some questions and Horse was generous enough to answer. That was pretty much all he was able to get. They cut that teaser together and it had to go through Lynch. Lynch loved it and wanted it put up. Someone else suggested revisions to it, which they did. When Lynch saw the updated cut, he demanded it go back to the way he approved it. Needless to say, it did and that's the version we have now.

I say this to highlight the fact that a) Lynch has total control over marketing, or at the very least final say. And b) that was pretty much all my friend could scrape together from his time on set. He wasn't even tasked with making a teaser - it's just that when Lynch saw it, he liked it so much that he wanted it released as a teaser.
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