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SOD: Kayla & Ava face off

Ava sends Kayla the video of her and Steve and it rocks Kayla's world. This has been a sticking point for she and Steve for a while now and she confronts Steve about this and he tells all. Ava goes after Kayla and insists that Steve wanted to be with her and that he has feelings for her. Kayla reacts and attacks her and Roman & JJ break up this fight. Ava does one more thing...she gets into the Johnson home and makes it look like Kayla stabbed her with a hypodermic needle. Kayla comes home and tries to revive her and calls for help. When she comes to, she makes some "Damning accusations against Kayla".

By the end of the week, it's even more screwed up than what it is now and it brings in Joey.
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