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Count me as another who thought Caleb gave a better impression here than he did on BB. But I enjoyed him at times on BB after he got over that weird crush he had on his Queen or whatever he called her.

The ear bug thing was awful. I almost started FF-ing through Jennifer's scenes. I couldn't believe the bug just crawled out of her ear after all of that.

Debbie is a mess but it might be fun to watch her spiral out of control. I was happy that Audrey was able to come back from her little break-down and solve the puzzle.

Jennifer may be the only one I'll end up liking on the Brawn tribe, so I didn't care who went home. Although, Darnel did seem truly remorseful that he let the tribe down.

That spoiler (it's so hard for me not to click on them, hehe) makes me sad.
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