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Early thoughts.

Really dislike the guys on the Brawn team, and Alecia. Sorry they booted Darnell. It's already bugging me taht some call Amish dude Kyle and some call him Jason. (Kyle Jason) Cyndey and Jennifer could be okay. Hope there's a sooner rather than later swap.

The Brains aren't much better. Like Obama, Neal is okay - like that he predicts the Brains downfall. :-) Might like Joe. But Debbie is annoying and way too full of herself and Aubrey seems weird in an unlikable way. (wish you met me irl) Can't remember Elizabeth.

I actually like the Beauty tribe, I think because they aren't all that beautiful and have other strengths. Caleb especially came off very well compared to his 'Beast mode Cowboy" image. I will enjoy figuring out if it's the editing (which bodes well for his future if he's being edited positively), or if he really does fit more naturally into the Survivor experience, or... I misjudged him on BB. I like the gilrs too, and beauty girls often rub me the wrong way. Can't remember much of Nick, and tai is pretty screwed already...
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