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Spoilers for the Week of February 22nd

Monday February 22:
Ava goads Kayla into physically attacking her.
Brady leaps into action in hopes of saving Summer from drowning.
Joey rips into his father when Steve admits he slept with Ava.
Hope is concerned when she catches Ciara acting out with Theo.

Tuesday February 23:
Brady is stunned when Summer reveals her connection to Daniel.
The Salem PD makes an arrest in Stefano’s murder case.
Ava finds a new way to cause trouble for Kayla.
Andre helps Chase disappear.

Wednesday February 24:
Nicole gets reacquainted with Dario.
Brady tries to get Summer to go back to Salem with him to find answers
Ava accuses Kayla of attempting to murder her
Joey becomes friends with an intriguing person

Thursday February 25:
Steve and Kayla fear Ava might get away with framing Kayla.
Belle’s gift to Claire backfires.
Philip delivers important information to Deimos.
Ciara tries to forget her problems by attending a rave, unaware she's being spied on.

Friday February 26:
Caroline has a revealing vision about Deimos.
Salem is hit with a shocking murder!
Chad is shaken by Rafe’s news.
Hope's world is turned upside down by an anonymous call.

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