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Spoilers for the Week of February 15

Monday, February 15
John gives Philip surprising information about Deimos.
Eduardo is wary when he sees Deimos making moves on Kate.
Belle makes a decision about her relationship with Philip.

Tuesday, February 16
Hope and Rafe carry out a plan to neutralize Andre.
Andre manipulates a distraught Chase.
JJ is upset when he learns of Abigail’s plans.
Jennifer’s addiction starts to affect her work.

Wednesday, February 17
Chad confronts Andre, wondering if he killed Stefano.
Ava returns to Salem, while Steve struggles to keep the truth from Kayla.
Claire learns a shocking secret about Belle.

Thursday, February 18
Andre is furious when he realizes Hope and Rafe have set him up.
Shawn angrily tells Belle he’s moving on… and arranges a date with someone else.
Eric receives devastating news and ends up seeking comfort from Jennifer.
Brady rushes off to California to track down the mysterious woman in his dreams.

Friday, February 19
Kayla receives a shocking message from Ava.
Victor offers Philip a way to earn back his forgiveness.
Nicole and Theresa separately decide to follow Brady to California.
In California, Brady runs into a familiar face, Dario, now played by Jordi Vilasuso, as he searches for the mystery woman.
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