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SOD: Andre's sick revenge on Hope

Hope is telling Andre that she had nothing to do with Stefano's disappearance but she's scared that he will find out. Andre finds a new way to get to Hope and that's through Chase. "Andre's main aim is to make sure his father is avenged". TP said that Andre is educating Chase like he's a mentor but manipulating him at the same time too. A small fire breaks out at Hope's house and she and the kids stay at Jennifer's overnight. When she returns, she immediately thinks that Andre had something to do with this. Now, she's completely on guard.

Chase and Andre's friendship begins to blossom and some things that Chase does leaves even Andre shocked. "There are certain things going on in Salem that are being manipulated by other people , as well", TP Says. Andre wants to make certain that his father's death is avenged.

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