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Spoilers for the Week of February 8th

Monday February 8:
Steve and Ava receive stunning news about their son.
Theo admits to Ciara he has a crush on her.
Abigail questions Chad about the real reason he wants to elope.

Tuesday February 9:
Fynn flirts with Lani.
Deimos leads Philip into a trap.
Belle tries reach out to Claire, but Claire angrily rejects her mother.

Wednesday February 10:
Armed with an agenda, Andre befriends Chase.
Eduardo tries to make inroads with Rafe and Gabi during an impromptu family dinner.

Thursday February 11:
A dangerous fire breaks out at Hope’s house!
John resolves to bring down the agency that made him an assassin – much to Marlena’s dismay.
Steve reunites with Kayla, who demands to know what happened with Ava.

Friday February 12:
It's Valentine's Day in Salem!
Theresa, Nicole, Abigail, Rafe, Ciara, and Ava have very telling, cinematic dreams about their various romantic predicaments, with a different genre of movie serving as the backdrop for each one.

Theo comes clean about his feelings for Ciara. Will Ciara see him as anything more than just a friend?
Abigail has tough questions for Chad about their future.
-Andre begins to zero in on a way to get to Hope.
-Brady has a romantic surprise for Theresa.
-Victor learns of Philip’s betrayal.
-Belle gets defensive when Shawn questions her latest spending habits.
-Ava makes mysterious plans.
-Doug and Julie share a day of romance celebrating Valentine’s Day!

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