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SOD: February's Hottest Stories!

Kayla/Steve/Ava: Steve is blackmailed into sleeping with Ava so that he can get Kayla back home. They are trying to find their son..there's "devastating" news.

Brady/Dario: Brady is still having these dreams and decides to go out to California to find this woman of Daniel's past. He sees Dario there. He knows the woman in question.

Chad/Abigail: They're making wedding plans with the question of Stefano's fate looming too.

Andre/Hope/Rafe: Andre survives and is after the duo for his father's death. Andre makes friends with Chase so that he can hurt Hope. Rope is doing all they can to cover up this event. They realize that Andre knows what they did and they take action before Andre can do anything.

Belle/Shawn/Claire: Belle uses Sami's money to buy a club for Claire so that she can practice singing. Claire's not impressed. Shawn is now asking questions about the money to buy this club and about their daughter's well being. Belle and Shawn and further apart now.

Chase/Ciara/Theo: Ciara is torn between these two but then something happens and it changes everything.

Big Business: Nicole, Theresa and Brady decided to start a new company after everything falls apart at Basic Black.

Phillip/Victor/Deimos: Phillip is in deep with Deimos and Victor is really mad when he finds out that they are working together.

Eric/Jennifer: They are drawn together as they battle their addiction.
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