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Spoilers for the Week of February 1st

Monday February 1:
Philip opens up to Belle about Deimos’ blackmail.
Ciara rips into Chase after uncovering his secret.

Tuesday February 2:
Theresa and Nicole make a bold career move.
Joey is stunned when he catches Steve and Ava in a compromising position.
A jealous Belle warns Eve to stay away from her daughter!

Wednesday February 3:
Eric accuses Jennifer of abusing painkillers.
Chad makes a deal with Adrienne and Justin to secure his future plans with Abigail.

Thursday February 4:
JJ comes to Gabi’s rescue once again.
Steve is forced to take extreme action to order to save Kayla.
Deimos threatens Philip.

Friday February 5:
Fed up with Eduardo, Kate finds herself intrigued by Deimos.
Brady finally sees the mystery woman’s face in his dreams.
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