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Ridiculous show, but entertaining (I enjoy The Blacklist now in the same spirit). I thought it was kinda fun seeing everybody stuck in a new setting/prison in Panama in Season 3, but the fourth season's conspiracy mythology (our guys were blackmailed into being Dirty Dozen-ish spies, and... I don't know...) spun things a little TOO goofy, even compared to all the goofy shit they'd already sorta kinda gotten away with.

Fichtner was my favorite guy in the cast, of course, and I will hope his Alex Mahone turns up in the revival.

And T-Bag was always a delightful cretin.

Michael's death looked inescapable, yes, but they are a show that's entirely capable of... one's suspension-of-disbelief is THOROUGHLY suspended, or you won't get past ten minutes of it.. It's okay. He'll get better.
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