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I do wish there had been a Chewie/Leia moment (along with that long Rey/Leia hug) after Han's death.

The child in me is devastated - he WAS always my favorite character - but I didn't cry... There wasn't time before we were on to the next set of scenes...

It's a good story-and-character catalyst to what will come next. I get why Kasdan and Abrams made the choices that they made...

I think we can expect to see Fisher in VIII, for sure. And I don't think it's unreasonable to think we might see Han again, too, in some form... (fans want a Han/Luke reunion a flashback could provide...)

Ford has been grumpy about SW over the years, sure, but it looked to me like he's been having a blast here, and there wasn't any kind of 'being done with the franchise, get me out of this thing' here... He did want Han to die in Jedi, yes. They did pay him a ton of money. But nobody really expected - especially after George declared that the prequels were 'the end' and he wouldn't make more - that there would BE a VII and beyond... That they got Ford, Hamill, Fisher (and Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker and Peter Mayhew - 3PO, R2, Chewie) all back 32 years after Jedi... Wheeeeeee.... fun.

Driver - so since you forgot or didn't know that he was going to be in it, did you recognize his voice before the mask came off? ... I love that some of his hissyfits and beating-himself-in-the-chest motions were 'familiar' character traits he shared with 'our' Adam.... I thought he was great.

Edit since I was writing before reading tgir... I'll bet you a dollar that instead of having just a cameo... Leia will be MORE prominent in VII than VII... Rian Johnson (the next one's writer and director) is a smart guy - he's going to want her in it.
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