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My guess re: Fisher continuing in the next film? She will if they will have her but they aren't going to want her because Han Solo is dead and because she had the temerity to get older than she was 30 years ago--and to look it.

It's not that I think Fisher is a world class actress although she's head, shoulders, knees and toes above Mark Hamill. Luke's character was given more to do in the first few films, so it would make sense that he be in these--except that it is a sure thing that whatever Leia has been doing is much more interesting than sitting on a rock on a mountain.

But I doubt she'll have more than a cameo, if that. Now, they have a cute young hot girl and so they have met their quota for prominent female characters. More and it would be considered a chick flick and 14 year old boys and their emotional equivalents wouldn't see it or buy their toys.
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