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>>Wasn't Adam Driver great?

LOL ... My reaction was 'He was on Girls'? WTH???

Then when he killed Hans I was pissed.

That broke my heart but I figured HF was done with the franchise. I was happy that he was in this episode as much as he was.

Love BB8. Ashley got me a keychain for my birthday. It is awesome. I do want a toy. Dax, that's fun what your friend is doing. I should get Lucky a BB8 for some fun pics.

>>Well of course Hamill got billing before Fisher, despite not uttering one word.

That doesn't make a lot of sense to me but it is 'Hollywood'. I was OK with so little Luke because that fit with the story.

I wonder if Fisher will continue with the next movie.

Our audience was fun. Good group. They clapped each time one of the original cast was introduced and we had lots of chuckles throughout but nothing obnoxious. Our seats were AMAZING. I was laid back with a glass of chardonnay in my hand and had no problem with the 3D. I definitely want to see it again and can't wait for the next one.

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