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Andre brain-washing Chad made me smile. For as much as I like a show to have some depth, I still have a few guilty pleasures. I've pretty much given up on this show ever being thought-provoking. If only Chad being brain-washed meant we'd be seeing less of Abigail.

It was nice to see Nicole being given something to do on Thursday. Did I miss an official confirmation of Arianne Zucker leaving the show? I've seen some people talking about it like it was a fact.

Still not adjusting to nuCiara. The actress has some monotone nature to her voice that annoys me. Don't mind nuChase and I like the kid playing Joey.

I was starting to get hopeful about JPL as Philip. I almost enjoyed his first day.....but I'm already starting to notice his little tics that I didn't care for on OLTL.
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