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Spoilers for the Week of December 14th

Monday December 14:
Hope is forced into a tricky situation as she tries to rescue Ciara.
Philip pressures Victor to make a bold business decision.

Tuesday December 15:
Old feelings are stirred up when Belle and Philip run into each other.
Chad and Abigail solidify their relationship with a special night to themselves.

Wednesday December 16:
Rafe arrests Hope for murder!
Ciara is furious when she learns Theo is being bullied.
Abigail receives good news about Thomas.

Thursday December 17:
Kayla is horrified when she comes face-to-face with Ava.

Friday December 18:
John is shaken when Eduardo sheds light on his past.
Rafe bonds with Hope as he helps her and Ciara get into the holiday spirit.
Abigail is devastated when Chad breaks things off with her!
Kayla angrily tells Ava to get lost, but Ava has news that gives her pause.

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