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SOD: Good Vibrations-Stephen Nichols & Mary Beth Evans (Steve & Kayla); interview

Digest: MBE were you aware of Stephen's popularity with fans when you joined in 86

MBE: No. She didn't really know the show or Stephen, and she thinks it was probably better that way because it would have made her nervous.

Digest: What do you enjoy most about the story for Steve and Kayla today and why?

SN: The characters were originally from very different worlds. With so much history and their time apart it's interesting to see where they are so many years later

MBE: She enjoys getting to play their age now and not trying to re-create what they were in the past.

SN: Adds they are both getting to know more about Steve and Kayla and their relationship. The writers and producers are interested in delving deeper into things with S&K and the whole cast.

Digest: How do you keep the love story fresh today

SN: They love and respect each other & they don't have to pretend. Working with MBE is easy

MBE: Storylines have push and pull, or S&K work together to drive a story. They (SN&MBE) don't get tired of each other. Recalls first day back for SN & that he gave her a bouquet of yellow roses & made a speech on set about how happy and lucky he was to work with her again. They just work well together

Digest: Stephen how would you describe Steve's love for Kayla

SN: Steve sees Kayla as his savior, his angel. He realizes at some point women get tired of that role. Kayla is his center and he would've had a totally different life without her (it could've included premature death and jail time- his words lol). And he would've missed out on the joy of fatherhood.

Digest: How has aging Joey to a teen affected Steve and Kayla's story

SN: Nothing is more challenging for parents than adolescent years.- trying to hold on while they are wanting to let go. It's a hard balance. It's a wise move to age Joey because stakes are higher with a teenager. It's good story.

MBE: "With Joey it's like he went to bed a 6 year old and then woke up as a 16 year old. Now I think he's 19..." Adds that after 15 minutes JL as Joey it all made sense. He's growing so much as an actor. Storywise it's great because it brings more conflict. There's more push and pull. Like Ken Corday says, the multigenerational story lines are a Days thing. Now they have a great set of teens for the next generation.

Digest: Do you prefer romantic or high action drama scenes and why

SN: Likes to mix it up and there's a lot of opportunity for both in daytime

MBE: Loves the family stuff whether with Joey and Steve or the broader scenes with Bradys. She relates to the family aspect and thinks Days does it really well.

Digest: Stephen what is a typical day like when working with MBE

SN: He drops his stuff off in his room, gets a quick "paint job" and jumps over to Mary Beth's chair while she's getting hair and makeup

MBE: They run their lines at the makeup chair or right after, and then go to one of their dressing rooms to run it (the lines) over and over. They don't stop. Sometimes they take a 10 minute break and get back at it.

SN: Unless they are first up, they do their dry block then run lines until they're called to tape

MBE: They are both big fans of S&K and their love story so they try and stay true to it. They collaborate and give each other notes and suggestions. They have each other's back.

Digest: Do they get to talk about things other than work

SN: Talk about everything going on with them. MBE always has a story and he is happy to hear it all, as is everyone else

MBE: Then when it comes to shooting scenes they make a point to stop and look at each other to connect and stop all of the noise & focus. Then they do the scene. Both are good at listening to each other. It just works for them and she feels so lucky.

Digest: Do you make each other laugh on set? (my note LOL - either the interviewer's not done his research or enjoys being captain obvious)

SN: They have a similar funny bone. They buy into each other's zaniness easily.

MBE: In the old days they'd have fits of laughter and the producer (Al Rabin) would ask if they should move on to the next group. But they'd stop looking at each other and try to get it together/stop laughing. Now it happens more when they are running lines. It's funny when she learns the lines but doesn't say them exactly as written and Stephen will get a funny expression on his face and tell her it's not English- they'll start laughing.

SN: They've been caught in a laughing fit just as they're about to call action on set a time or two.

Digest: MBE How did you feel when SN left Days in 1990

MBE: Says it was a drag. Since PP also left, the show put Shane and Kayla together. She/MBE was and still is a huge fan of Patch and Kayla. She cared about their love story and didn't want to see Kayla rushed into a new relationship. A new regime came in and said "see ya" and she was left saying "Thats not what I meant". Some time later she joined GH and a couple of years after that SN joined her on the show.

SN: It was sweet to work with MBE on GH while it lasted. Enjoyed seeing her transform and play a different type of character. He saw her on ATWT too and is amazed at what she brings to each role. MBE is so talented and deserves all of the accolades that can be bestowed on an actor.

MBE: Thanks him and adds "See how sweet he is?" Thinks GH missed the boat. They had them there because of their Days history, but the characters were different…Also the story made them brother and sister (me chiming in for clarity - Stefan thought Katherine was his sister for a while-thanks to Alexis- so he dumped Katherine but didn't tell her why. They weren't actually related- and they reunited once Stefan realized that)

Digest: MBE- when SN joined Y&R in 2010 what effect did you think that would have for S&K's story?

MBE: She understood they couldn't bring Steve back to Days and that's one of the reasons Kayla divorced Steve. She remembers joking that they should say Steve lost his mind and moved to Genoa City and hung out with a woman named Ashley

Digest: What is it about S&K's love story that resonates so strongly with the viewers

SN: They were meant for each other if anyone ever was, just as he and MBE were meant to have this great friendship and working relationship for 30 years. He feels grateful and blessed every day that MBE is his partner on this journey.
(me: AWWWWW~!!!! :wub2: )

MBE: Feels the same way. There is an incredible sweetness about Patch - he's not afraid to cry. He might put on a false bravado trying to cover his real feelings . He has a unique persona. Stephen is like that in real life. Says she walked on set to him crying one day and wondered what was the matter…SN had just heard his daughter do an interview about her music (on the radio) and he was very moved by it.

Digest: What's your dream story for S&K

MBE: A romantic on location vacation somewhere far away (laughs)

SN: Says it's too deep a question for him…says ask the writers. He can only say a story that isn't too predictable, just like life.
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