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SOD: Chad and Abigail escape

After Ben takes the baby, it becomes a life and death situation for Chad and Abigail. Smoke fills up in Abigail's lungs. While Chad had been in the cabin for a little while, Abby's gone through a traumatic experience and premature labor. Abby hadn't eaten nor had any water to drink. Chad has the strength to pull her out of the cabin. He does what he needs to do to make sure Abby is safe.

Chad and Abby don't know it but Rafe has put out an APB and a search is underway to find them. The search team includes JJ and Lani..
The smoke from the burning cabin makes it easy to find them quickly.

They are taken straight to the hospital because Abby needs a medical checkup after just giving birth.

Ben is found and taken to the Salem PD. By the time Chad and Abby are at the hospital, Ben has totally lost it.

Abigail arranges a meeting with Ben. It's her last chance to find her baby son.

Abigail realizes how crazy Ben is but also understands she has some power over him. She sees him for the sake of her child, knowing Chad will protect her.

Abigail can only get incomplete information from Ben. He tells her that the baby is in a motel.

Abigail, Chad and JJ and "everybody" (assuming Lani and Rafe?) goes on the search to find the baby
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