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SOD: JPL Debuts as Philip

This week John Paul Lavoisier makes his first appearance as Kate and Victor's son.

One thing he was told before he started was Philip was working in company's out of town branches. He's come back to take over everything in Salem.

His reps were called to ask for a screen test. He was the only actor being seen that day and tested with Jen Lilley. Says it was a wonderful and fun scene- a power struggle between Theresa and Philip with a sexual overtone involved.

He was hesitant when offered the role. He wasn't sure about all of the dialogue he'd have to memorize because he hadn't done it in so long

He purposely didn't ask for a lot of information about the character because he didn't want to fill his head with a lot of stuff. His decision was to take each script and treat each script as the truth, but also be willing to divorce from the script if they gave him notes to change things after dress rehearsals.

He was so focused on creating his character that it didn't really hit him that he was a recast until people started mentioning other actors who played Philip. He remembers thinking he was like "the third husband" (laughs). At first he considered getting footage of the other actors but then nixed the idea.

He starts as Philip on December 10
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