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Chad Reunites with Abby

This week, Chad gets help from Rafe in the form of a significant lead on Ben and Abby's whereabouts.

"They get a tip about a midwife who was contacted by Ben Weston," explains Billy Flynn. "Chad freaks out because he immediately realizes that Abigail is having her baby."

Chad jumps on the lead but encounters a huge obstacle when a snowstorm hits. "Chad isn't going to let a snowstorm stop him," asserts Flynn. "His main objective is finding Abigail. [The danger] doesn't matter to him."

Finally, Chad locates the cabin were Ben is holding Abby captive but he tries to stay undetected. "Things don't go exactly as planned," previews Flynn. "Because Chad has just come out of a coma, he hasn't completely recovered." When Ben sees Chad, he flies into a rage and takes him hostage.

Angry, Ben blasts both Chad and Abigail for making a fool of him. Then, he does something that could have fatal consequences...
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