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SOD: Why Bo Brady Had To Die; "The Bo/Hope era has come to a final chapter and closed..."

So... why did Bo have to die? Ken Corday explains.

"With the new writing regime, there was one scenario, which was to get Bo back on the show. And after discussions with Peter, we knew it was only going to be for a very limited time. Thus, the decision was made that it was best to bring Bo and Hope's relationship to closure. It wasn't done cavalierly. But Peter made it clear he wasn't going to return to the show anytime soon, so we made the decision to really kill the character. The Bo/Hope era has come to a final chapter and closed."

Corday is concerned about fan response. "If the viewers are upset, I ask them to understand the outside factors that weigh here. We need to move Hope on. And we can't do it with Bo still alive. It's impossible."

Corday goes on to praise Peter Reckell's performance. He recalls sitting with Susan Seaforth Hayes as they watched him tape his final scenes. "She whispered in my ear, 'This is the end of an era.' There wasn't a dry eye in the house. We all cried our eyes out."

So what's ahead for Hope? Corday hints, "There's a real twist and you have to stay tuned. We have a surprise or two in the months to come..."

Kristian Weighs In

"I was as shocked as the viewers were," says Kristian Alfonso of Bo's death. "But this is what Pete wanted, as far as I know from him. He wanted closure to the character."

She talks about their final scenes and how difficult they were to film. "Oh my God, it was so sad. They were such dramatic/heartbreaking scenes for the characters because we had gone full circle so many times and overcome everything and here it was, Bo's death, and it happened so quickly."
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