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SOD: Chad recalls Ben is a killer!

Chad has tried telling Rafe his beliefs as to why Ben and Abigail left but he doesn't have solid evidence. Chad is really upset over this because he doesn't know why Ben would take off with Abigail. In the meantime, Abigail is having severe pains and is begging Ben to take her to the hospital. Abigail tells him that their baby's life is in danger but Ben doesn't want to risk taking her to the hospital for fear of being outed as the Necktie Killer so he brings a midwife in to take care of Abigail.

Meanwhile, Chad is beginning to have these flashbacks and then he remembers "confronting Ben about being the Necktie Killer." Chad finally realizes the true danger Abigail is in and once again tells Rafe. "they pick up a signal from Abigail's phone but the location isn't specific. But, it's enough for Chad to mount a search." BF says.
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