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SOD: John gets a lead on his past

This is a week of celebration for John. It's Thanksgiving and his daughter, Belle and granddaughter, Claire make a surprise entrance!

The happiness is cut short when Belle reveals to her parents some bad news and this makes John rather disappointed. After the disappointment come anger and he's not happy with Shawn. Belle quickly calms him by telling the issues there are NOT Shawn's fault but that of herself. This hurt John.

After this, Paul comes to John with information he's gotten about Winterborne Academy. DH says, "John has basically given Paul information that he wouldn't give to anyone that he didn't love and trust." Paul, at first, was amazed by John's past but now he's willing to help her father.

Paul tells John that someone who went to Winterborne is staying at the Salem Inn. John doesn't know this person but it's possible that he and John were in a class together there. John then makes the plan to put this person under surveillance. Marlena suspects that something is up with John and he tries to placate her. "He assures Marlena that what he's doing has nothing to do with the ISA. But John wants to know so badly about his past that it's a slippery slope." Balancing acts are not John's strong suit and he realizes that at any moment Marlena could "pull the swith and say, 'See ya, Pal.'"
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