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SOD: Is Bo dying?

As we've seen in today's episode, Kayla gets results of Bo's tests and has some really bad news for him. MBE said, "What a situation to be in. Kayla loves Bo so much and can't believe he's back in Salem. Then she needs to shift to being his Doctor. There are so many conflicting feelings for her. It is heartbreaking."

Kayla gives Bo the news of his test in a straight forward manner. As his Doctor, she's honest but as his sister, she's brokenhearted and wants to protect him. She knows the reality of this situation but she really wants a better outcome.

Bo makes a decision that doesn't sit well with Kayla. She's not agreeing with his plan but she also knows that he's stubborn and will do what he needs to do regardless of her pleas.

Bo then puts his focus on Hope and things get romantic. KA said, "I feel so emotional because they are such beautiful scenes and so beautifully written. He makes love to her. Everything that Bo and Hope have been through through the years is in that moment. They're in bed and he says, 'I love you, you're everything to me.' " She cries at this because she cannot believe that he tells her that. She has this whole other picture in her mind that she destroyed everything and is alone.

After this, they go to the Pub for a celebration. Ciara asks that they get married right then. Hope is willing but Bo tells her that he would be right back. Everyone is clueless as to what is happening with Bo except Kayla. Kayla is feeling so bad and has such a huge responsibility. As a doctor, she feels that she should be able to save him and she cannot imagine losing her brother. She's also feeling guilty because she can't save him.

OH man, this is going to be one emotional week!
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