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SOD: Sami and Andre Battle!

Andre is holding Sami hostage in a dungeon. "Sami has run off with the DiMera's money and they want it back", TP says. "Andre wants to get the information out of Sami and she isn't forthcoming."

Sami tries to gain a deal between she and Andre that will be beneficial to the DiMeras. Andre doesn't trust Sami and believes that she will say anything to gain her freedom.

He's right and this ploy falls apart. She then comes up with another plan. Sami realizes that Andre's not believing anything she says. TP says, "As far as Andre's concerned, he has Sami right where he wants her. People in Salem are always bringing up how dark the DiMeras are. But Sami is no different."

This dark side comes mighty handy as she tries to gain the upper hand.
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