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Spoilers for the week of November 16th

Monday November 16:
Chase is upset when he overhears Ciara trashing his father.

Tuesday November 17:
A furious Marlena confronts Stefano about Sami’s kidnapping.
Bo tries to protect Hope, but she gets the wrong idea.
When Kayla learns Steve has received another anonymous message, she quickly takes matters into her own hands.
Sami offers to make a deal with Andre.

Wednesday November 18:
After years of being kept apart, Bo and Hope finally make love!
Steve and Kayla find themselves in a mysterious – yet romantic – situation.

Thursday November 19:
Ben and Abigail learn she’s gone into premature labor!
John and Marlena figure out a way to gain leverage against the DiMeras.
Chad seeks Marlena’s help to track down Abigail.

Friday November 20:
Steve and Kayla reconnect over a tragic situation.
Ciara confides in Caroline how much she wants her parents back together.

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