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SOD: Bo and Hope Reunited; Bo and Aiden fight to the death!

Bo makes it back to Salem and back to the house he used to share with Hope just in time to find her in Aiden's murderous clutches.

"Bo doesn't know who Aiden is so when he comes through the door he just sees this man over Hope and thinks he killed her," previews Reckell.

A fight to the death ensues, which marks the end of Aiden's short-lived reign of terror.

When Hope wakes up there's a moment of confusion and she questions whether or not what she's seeing is real.

Previews Alfonso, "She is so overwhelmed by what just happened but wait, silver lining, you're here, you're alive, you saved me!"

Rafe and the cops arrive and Hope is in a state of shock. Bo tries to comfort her but she lashes out asking where he's been all this time. Previews Alfonso, "She's so angry but also carries so much guilt because they were always so connected. How did that emotion, that feeling they shared that was always so special, become so severed to the point that she felt nothing and she didn't know Bo was in trouble?"

Alfonso acknowledges that Hope wasn't always herself in the buildup to the wedding. "All the telltale signs were there," she says. "Things were happening with Aiden, things Hope would never let slide: the money, owing loan sharks. All the red flags were there but Hope failed to see them or recognize them."

Bo is frustrated because he wants to comfort Hope but she pushes him away because she's dealing with so much -- not only Bo coming back, but also coming to terms with the fact that the man she just married tried to kill her.

Hope is taken to the hospital where she and Bo discuss everything that has happened in the three years they've been apart.

When Hope hears everything Bo has been through, she's overcome with a devastating sense of guilt. "She hears what happened to him and how he fought to get back to her. She carries the guilt of giving up on him. She doesn't feel that he could ever forgive her. She loves Bo but she is so angry at him because none of this had to happen. If he hadn't gone away, if he had come back when he said he would, none of this would have taken place. But internally, she is very guilty at the choices she did make and thinking he would desert her."

Alfonso is pleased that Bo and Hope have another chance. "It's so exciting to me because Bo and Hope will always be so much a part of Peter's life and my life. Pete and I were given this tremendous gift of these two beautiful characters. We are very blessed and very lucky." As for the future, Alfonso teases: "There is a lot of laughter, a lot of love and a lot of sadness."
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