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SOD: Chad Risks Everything to Save Abigail!; "Chad's love for Abigail is endless..."

In a desperate attempt to free herself, Abigail attempts to seduce Ben, who is still holding her captive in the cabin.

"It makes her sick to her stomach," previews Mansi. "But at the end of the day, it's about saving the baby, so she'll do whatever she has to do."

Back in Salem, Chad is released from prison and he immediately goes searching for Abigail.

At the cabin, Ben's temper escalates and he confronts Abigail about having sex with Chad.

Ben forces Abigail to prove her love for him. "Ben makes Abigail call Chad and end things with him once and for all," previews Mansi. Over the phone, the two of them work out a code that confirms Abigail is in danger.

Chad goes to Rafe and tries to convince him Abigal is in danger but comes across sounding like a lunatic.

Frustrated, Chad decides to find Abigail on his own.

"Chad's love for Abigail is endless," says Billy Flynn. "There's nothing he wouldn't do for her."
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