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Spoilers for the Week of November 9th

Monday November 9:
A fierce battle leads to a stunning death!
Abigail tries to seduce Ben in order to escape.

Tuesday November 10:
Ben angrily confronts Abigail about her affair with Chad.
Hope struggles to cope with the aftermath of all that has happened to her.

Wednesday November 11:
Hope learns the truth about Bo’s disappearance for the past several years.
Kayla insists she and Steve will face the latest threat to their family head on – and as a team.

Thursday November 12:
Nicole has a run-in with the charming Fynn, who is an old buddy of Daniel’s.
Jennifer reaches out as Hope continues to unspool.

Friday November 13:
Chad tries to convince Rafe that Abigail is in trouble.
Hope’s immense guilt over Bo causes her to pull away from those who love her the most.
Abigail pleads with Ben to take her to a hospital, fearing she may lose the baby.

-Theresa asks Brady where their relationship stands.
-Steve makes a shocking admission to Kayla about the past.
-Abigail relays a coded message to Chad.
-John receives unexpected news from the ISA.
-Kate hits it off with Eduardo.
-Sami reveals to both John and Marlena that she has the power to destroy the DiMeras for good.
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