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Yeah, you'd think Bo and Steve would have had a discussion about who'd be the best person to call. Even if Bo is confident they're getting home, Victor still would have been the best person to stop the wedding. It's lame that the writers have to dumb down the characters for a little manufactured drama.

Robert Scott Wilson has been good a being creepy. Color me impressed. I even got goosebumps during one of those scenes at their apartment.

Wasn't the Gala supposed to be some kind of retro theme? I was disappointed in the costumes and I've seen local drag queens with much better wigs.

Adrienne in her wig made me think of Bonnie, the other character Judi Evans played on the show. Sometimes I wish they'd bring Bonnie back and have her cause all kinds of trouble for Adrienne. Bonnie was so much more fun.
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