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Although it wasn't my favorite episode certainly was a pertinent subject. I just don't understand people not wanting physician assisted suicide or at least the ability to take a comfortable way out and not have to suffer until your body just breaks down. I've seen too many people die of cancer in horrible pain just eating them alive. So I don't know how much money it would take there's not enough in the world for me to take the side of a legal case against it.

It was good when I was doing the expert witness stuff that I could pick and choose my cases. I would review a case and if I thought there really was malpractice then I would take it and if I thought it was just something silly or a misunderstanding I wouldn't. I could never work for an insurance company where I had to defend everyone who came my way. Or I couldn't be involved in a case unless I believed in it.

There are still some things about the show that I don't like but I certainly like this season so far way better than last season.
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