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I am actually watching and not fast-forwarding much although my husband still won't watch the show. I thought the first two episodes were very strong and I was particularly impressed with the second one I guess because I really like Carol. Her dressing up like a ninja or something was really cool. This last one was good but in my opinion not as good as the first two. I really was sort of so so with my opinions or attachments of Glen and I have to say that I would rather him go than many of the other characters. Except I still wouldn't mind if they killed off Rick or his idiot son. I have really gotten attached to Carol and Daryl other than that I guess I'm really not attached to any of the other main characters. Although I'm really fond of the guy who used to be in Southland I don't even know the name of the actor the big guy with red hair. I can't see how Glen could have survived that under any circumstances. I knew somebody was going to be killed but I didn't know who and if I had to pick somebody I guess I would have sacrificed him over many of the others.
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