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SOD: Some extras!

Thumbs DOWN-- stories moving TOO fast and key scenes getting lost. Example...has Steve seen and talked with his sister Adrienne? Theresa really didn't know about Paige's death? She found out when she stopped by Eve's place to help her donate Paige's belongings. All of JJ's mourning and the emotions of losing someone you love was done off screen. We want to see those beats!

Who has the best relationship with their fans? Bryan Dattilo says that back in the day it was DH and now he thinks that EM and CS are also up there. Eric Martsolf thinks that GV has a terrific relationship with his fans.

A Martinez was very honest in his disappointment in KDP's exit. "I'm so profoundly disappointed that Kassie is off the show. I understand that her
character was pushed into some very dark corners, in terms of what Eve did, but I find it really sad that Kassie was shown the door, rather than resuscitated before our eyes. Her work is phenomenal. Kassie is one to the greatest teammates you could ever have. I think letting her go was a mistake and I hope that it gets addressed at some point."

Greg Meng is interviewed about the new book.

Finally, in Sound off, it's all about the death of Will. Many of the letters were in support of Will and their disappointment in his death. If you get the chance to read all of the letters, please do!
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