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SOD: Aiden's deadly plan for Hope!

Chase's life is in danger and Aiden is in a no win situation. He feels like it's either Chase or Hope. The pressure is on to pay this debt and it's the worst thing ever because he really does love Hope.

Aiden turns to booze to numb his feelings. He wants to be honest with Hope about this whole hot mess of a situation. He's about to confess but stops and has this change of heart. DC says, "If I tell Hope then I'm putting my son's life at risk." Hope is concerned about Aiden and even considers postponing this wedding. She's puzzled because in the past few weeks she has learned some disturbing things about Aiden like his gambling addiction.

Dear Andre is pushing Aiden to go through with this plan so that's exactly what happens....Aiden begins taking steps to kill Hope!
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