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SOD: Chad is arrested!

This week, Chad wakes up from his coma and is arrested! Problem is..he doesn't remember what happened! He doesn't know why he's in the hospital or doesn't know about his best friend, Will, being murdered.

Dear Justin is SO ready to arrest him and throw away the key! Daniel and even Rafe think that Chad needs to get his bearing before they put him in jail. Justin says that the jail Doctors can take care of him. Justin believes that if Chad remains in the hospital that Stefano will work something and he will take Chad away.

In the middle of this, Abigail shows up. Chad is telling her that he didn't do this and asks her to believe in him. Chad is disappointed when she leaves. She doesn't really know what to believe. BF says, "She's stuck trying to believe her fiance', even though Abigail's heart tells her that Chad is being honest."

Chad is then put in jail and given a quick exam by the doctor. Chad knows that he needs an attorney and because of the memory loss, doesn't remember that Aiden is no longer representing him.

Someone else comes to see him~~Marlena. They talk and this is when it sinks in that Will is gone. Chad then asks Marlena "How could I have murdered Will? He's my best friend!"

Marlena believes him....

Guess who else comes to see Chad? ANDRE!!
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