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I was not spoiled on the identity (though I did guess it would be Glenn), but I did see a few upset people in other time zones on facebook... none of my friends 'broke the rules', though...

I don't think they'll 'cheat' and have Glenn live... because even if you subscribe to the (popular... and reasonable) theory that those were the other guy's guts being ripped out, and not Glenn's... his situation STILL does not look at all survivable.

I do expect to see him as a walker. Sure. Gimple's statement that we'd see him again... yeah, I'm thinking that's how. (But a report that Yeun is still in Georgia filming the second half of the season... I don't know what to think about that, except... weird)

Good action in all three episodes so far.

I think next week's Morgan spotlight episode should be really good... but I DO hope we're not waiting 'til #5 to get the 'dead or not' resolution on Glenn. Kinda suspect they WILL make us wait another week. Oh, well...
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