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Spoilers for the week of October 26th

Monday October 26:
Bo is stunned when Steve tells him about Hope’s upcoming wedding.
Abe is unsettled by what he discovers on Lani’s computer.
Kayla and Joey have an emotional confrontation over his latest stunt.

Tuesday October 27:
Aiden cracks under the pressure of having to kill Hope.
Daniel is concerned by Eric’s behavior.

Wednesday October 28:
While visiting a comatose Chad, Eve decides to avenge her daughter’s death.
Bo attempts to connect with Hope.
An inebriated Aiden makes a startling confession to Hope.

Thursday October 29:
Chad is arrested for the Necktie murders.
Eric receives an urgent message from Sami.

Friday October 30:
Steve and Bo risk their lives to get Bo home in time to stop Hope’s wedding.
Marlena questions Chad to determine whether or not he’s telling the truth.
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