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Spoilers for the week of October 19th

Mon Oct 19
Salem mourns one of its most beloved citizens during a heartbreaking funeral.
Andre stirs up controversy when he finally goes public with his return.
Sami makes a decision about EJ's letter.
Steve questions Caroline about her visions of Bo, hoping she can provide a clue to her son's whereabouts.

Tue Oct 20
Ben admits to someone he's the Necktie Killer.
Andre and Stefano pressure Aiden.
Rafe tries to ignore his feelings for Hope by turning his attention to another woman in town.
Lani questions Abe about his past.

Wed Oct 21
Steve runs into danger in Mexico.
An ailing Bo struggles to get back to his loved ones.
Aiden takes the first steps to carry out his deadly plot.
Daniel and Nicole share a day of romance.

Thu Oct 22
Gabi receives shocking news from Rafe.
Sonny says good-bye to Salem once again.
Abigail visits Chad in the hospital, still conflicted over whether he's innocent.
Adrienne blows up at Justin when she feels he's trying to control her life.

Fri Oct 23
Steve and Bo are finally reunited, but not under the best circumstances.
Shawn returns to Salem to find Hope and Aiden celebrating their upcoming wedding.
Ben receives welcome news from Eduardo.
Jennifer and Abigail balk at JJ's new career choice.
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