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SOD: Goodbye Will, Hello Andre

Saying goodbye to Will is hard on everyone but especially Lucas and Sami. Lucas doesn't understand why Sami is so composed.

Will's death results in a reconciliation between Lucas and Kate. He reverts to needing her again and he realizes the most important thing is family.

Lucas privately visits Will's gravesite after the public grieving comes to a close. Promises better decisions, to stop drinking, to take care of Arianna.

Friends and family gather at the Brady Pub where Andre makes his grand entrance. He is both verbally and physically assaulted by members of the crowd. "the great thing is Andre does admit he was insane" according to Thaao. Still he is knocked off his feet by someone who is infuriated by his intrusion on the Brady's grieving. Andre reveals the truth- Stefano is his father and "they can't trash him for anything he's done in the past because the time has run out"

Also in Andre's possession is a letter that answers all of the questions about how Stefano might be his biological father. This is how Andre begins his new approach to life.
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