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I just watch for cheap entertainment, to be honest. I also loved JDM although I also didn't want Alicia to end up choosing him. I don't need to see her have another love interest, especially not one that reminds me too much of Peter.

That said, I don't know if I mentioned this before but my theory is that Peter/Alicia truly reuniting is the end game, I think.

I also really like Margo Martindale. She plays her character very well. It's always the same character but she does it well.

Here's the thing: I like all of the actors quite a lot. I don't necessarily enjoy all of the characters. Or the plots. Remember that I've only watched the last couple of seasons with maybe a random partial episode from earlier seasons. I really disliked Will and had an extremely hard time imagining Alicia being even tempted by him.

I like Canning but that's pretty much entirely because I really like MJF and am sorry that his series didn't get past the first season. He's charming, even when he's playing evil. I am glad that Howard Lyman was less the incompetent senile old man for just a bit, getting in some good digs against Cary. I like Cary ok, but he seems to have exactly 2 expressions, one of which is a bemused smirk. David Lee is easy to hate, which is his real function on the show.

A lot feels contrived and artificial. Alicia needed to choose Amanda as her investigator as a substitute for Kalinda but then Amanda had to be shown to be not Kalinda so Alicia could go with the hunky enigmatic older male detective who may be double crossing her.

I am ok with all of the machinations for plot. I just can see them very well. Which makes me think that I'm intended to see them because I'm not that clever.

I miss seeing Diane and miss seeing Diane and Alicia on the same side. Don't miss Alicia's son at all. Her daughter is great but there is no way she came from Alicia/Peter.
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