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Went to see The Martian. In 3D actually, which is not my favorite format. I find it distracting and a bit dishonest, in a way. When I go to the movies, I know I am an observer. The premise of the film depends upon the separation between audience and performers/story, to the extent that when the 4th wall is broken, it is done for special effect. And yes, I've been to multiple theatrical performances with cast members interacting with the audience and sometimes, performing from the audience.

We saw it in 3D because that showing was more convenient vs our usual 2D viewing show times. I admit that I was curious to see how much 3D had improved since the last time I saw it which I think was Gravity, where I actually enjoyed the 3D aspects of the film. 3D enhanced the feeling of space, the vastness, the loneliness, the hazard.

I am not quibbling about the quality of the 3D in The Martian. It was quite good. I did not get a headache, as I did the first few times I tried 3D.

I just didn't think that it was important and for me, it was a distraction. Perhaps that's generational, but...

The film itself was really good. I haven't worked out all of the science, which is supposed to be very accurate, but a couple of things made me scratch my head a bit. One pretty big logic fail, I thought. It was kind of worked out but still.....

I don't see it as art, nor as a piece that makes us question our perceptions and assumptions about people, science, etc. It was more a celebration of both people, ingenuity, heroism, courage, and most of all: science.

I was intrigued by the story, on the edge of my seat, literally, for some scenes, quite fearful for characters although I was pretty sure what would end up happening. I was right.

Good performances all around, except that I did not like Jeff Daniel's performance. Or his character, but it felt very much as though he was just playing a more uptight version of characters I've seen him play before. His character was a stereotype and he didn't expand beyond type.

In a way, all of the characters were stereotypes and were stripped down pretty bare, with little embellishment. Matt Damon, of course, was the All American Hero. Which was cool. But that's what/who he was. And all he was called to do. While we saw some female actors and hispanic and black actors in roles we would not have seen them in a generation ago (yay! You don't have to be a white male to be good at science!!), their roles again were pretty much to type, with some of the minor roles actually being more than just stereotypical nerds.

The film skirted over what would have been crushing loneliness and isolation, blipped past what would have been some very serious dings to his mental health, pre-supposed that there would be zero microbial lifeforms on/in the soil of Mars which seems unlikely, and made some other assumptions about the light available for growing plants, which I doubt would be born out by hard science.

But hey! Science! That was the real winner here! And I am really, truly glad. I am glad that we have films now that tackle the real brass and tacks issues of the science of space exploration, hints at the genuine work that is done and evokes a sense of courage, tenacity, and dedication to the science of space exploration.

May it help to inspire the regeneration of our space program!
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