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SOD: To tell the Truth..the Alison Sweeney interview

She was angry when she found out that Will was being killed. She was hurt and betrayed and didn't want to be a part of this because she was so upset over this. She felt like she went through the 5 stages of grief with this and then came to terms with it. "I haven't seen every scene that Will has done that put them in this situation, but I think there are other ways they could have handled it. It breaks my heart that there is no Will anymore. There have been a lot of storylines that I haven't agreed with, but I always understood the motive behind them and the value of getting the audience riled. up. I'm a company girl and I've always been super supportive of that. But this particular story point is something that I just don't agree with and I didn't from the moment they told me. I don't understand why they did it."

She felt that Will was a legacy character. The character of will has been there since 1994 (according to AS) and has been on canvas since then in some way. She felt that he was written into a corner toward the end but it was heartbreaking. She was sad to have to play out those scenes. She said that it was difficult to keep things together and then having to let go when she was in Will's apartment. She was nervous reading the scripts and had a difficult time even acting those scenes. She noted that everyone was affected by this, including the crew.

She is invested into the possibility of EJ being alive. "I went in knowing that not all of the fans are going to be thrilled and I get that, but Rafe and Lucas are staying in Salem and they've moved on and they have other relationships. I hope that their fans are excited and remember Sami's time with them fondly, but for me, the idea of giving the hope that there's a happily ever after for Sami off camera was worth fighting for, I was so thrilled it was being rewritten." She went on to say that Sami has had such loss in the past year with EJ and Will that the idea of EJ being back was something that she was going grab and run with.

We will see more of Sami. There are whispers of "Easter eggs" that EJ left for her so will see her fairly soon.

She loved seeing and working with everyone once again. She adores the crew and was so happy to see them. She was thrilled to visit.
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