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SOD: Freddie Smith's "Emotional " Days Comeback

After he finished in March, he had a "very top" secret conversation where he was told what was going to happen. He was shocked that Will was being killed off. He says, "I was shocked. It was the last thing I would have imagined. But I also knew that it was going to be a great story."

He says that when he returned after a few weeks that it felt like he had just spent a long weekend away. He worked with several actors and he "went from set to set with different characters, talking about Will's death and bawling our eyes out."

The mood was somber and emotional. He said that there wasn't much talking in between scenes and that people were respecting other's space. This went for the crew too. "It was a hard week of work, but we were telling a great story.", FS went on to say. He was happy that he was called back for this part of the story. He went on to say that it was odd not being there without GW. It made things real for him.

Talked briefly about the film he shot, wrote and directed called "Hiker, The Movie".

He will be back for 4 episodes beginning on October 12th. Says that he would come back. (He doesn't say for long term or short term.)
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