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SOD: Brush with Death...Guy Wilson interview!

He found out about being written out in March. It was about a week after FS left.

He was called by one of the Executive Producers who told him the news. "He acknowledged that this was not news he was happy to share, nor was this direction in the story a product of his own design, that he was merely the messenger, and I believed him." GW says.

He wasn't given a reason why he was being written out. He talked about the show getting a facelift and that the people who were being killed by the Necktie Killer, was all about business. There were no issues with any of them. Guy says, "It was all purely business, and it was all in an effort to revitalize the show and create story space to bring back some iconic characters like Bo and Patch." He was happy to know that he did nothing wrong.

He really loved Days and felt like it was truly his second family. He was sad knowing that this part of his career was coming to a close. He wanted to stay on the show longer.

There was talk among the actors when there was new writers in of what was going to happen. There were already some that had been written off...he mentioned the character of Xander.

He said that it wasn't difficult keeping this secret. One of the things he enjoyed most about working on a soap was the twists of a storyline and then "being able to vicariously experience the thrill of the fans when these things happen, and then being able to take part in it via social media." This is one thing that he'll share with his fans on Twitter. He didn't want to talk about it because he wanted the drama build.

When rumors about Will's death began to surface he was frustrated because the writers had built up to "cataclysmic events". He thought that a lot had been leaked. In the end, he didn't have a hard time keeping quiet.

He had noticed a change in his character last year and was frustrated about that. In his opinion, he felt that Will had gone down a black hole with his cheating on Sonny and felt that this was good because it's good drama. He then became, in his mind, "a one dimensional and unyielding with this selfishness and the self righteousness." He had believed that Will was a rich character before this. He thought that his actions were interesting and had hoped that the writers would have explored this.

He didn't think what would happen to Will after Sami left. He was sad that she left because she was one of his best friends and felt that she brought out the best in his talent. He wasn't worried about his place in Salem because CS' Paul was there and he had hoped for a love triangle. His hope was believing that the writers would have dove into this part of marriage and wrote about why Will did what he did. He felt that this was not explored.

He was a little concerned about things when FS decided to leave. He had always felt that Will was a rich character and that he could go on with Sonny. At first, he didn't worry about the character of Will because Paul was still there. He thought that between that and his career as a writer, that there was some good story there. The new writers didn't go in that direction.

He's most proud of the wedding and all that it brought. He also appreciated Paul's coming out and the part he had in that too. He was proud that he could show a true life example of what it means to be gay on TV. He felt that they showed a relationship between two people and not just a love story.

His experience taught him this..."Stamina. When I say stamina, I'm talking about creative stamina. When you do a new episode every day, it is an opportunity, and also an obligation, to really search within yourself for whatever the given story is, to bring to life the given story for whatever day you're working."
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