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SOD: Sami Returns!

Sami was already coming home and received the news that her oldest son was murdered. She was on a layover in Chicago and was able to get to Salem quickly so when she walks into the Police station, she is already aware that Will is dead.

She says that Sami must now deal with burying another child. She already lost Grace in 2009. AS says that Sami is in shock , "but it's so much emotion that she is numb to it. Some of the other characters in town were saying quite early on that they aren't seeing any tears from Sami and she seems so composed and that can't bode well for anybody." She's very focused in the first few episodes. She breaks down when she goes to Will's apartment and seeing the outline of where his body was found. After this, she sees something come across the tablet that says that Chad is the main suspect and that he's in the hospital. So Sami is Sami here, she has a plan to go to the hospital to kill Chad. She gets a pillow to smother him and her Mom stops her .

As if this wasn't enough, she then gets a message from EJ! The priest at the church gives her a Bible that has a Bible verse highlighted. There is also a letter from EJ that Marlena did not forward to Sami. Everyone seems suspicious of this...everyone but Sami. Sami now sees this as a clue and she feels the need to go and look for EJ. "If there's a chance that EJ is alive, she wants to do something about it."
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