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LOL yep I've noticed the wet stringy mop look too! I miss the good ol' days of soaps when it seemed like everyone looked perfect and not a hair out of place. Maybe that is 20/20 hindsight or maybe its just that was before the invention of hi-def....who knows lol.

I missed most of Fridays show for breaking news (some local politician had to take an hour to declare he wasnt taking bribes just in time for the upcoming election) I did see KDPs post funeral railing at everyone, she really is great during all this. Reminds me of some of her great OLTL moments and how good of an actress she is when given decent material, something she hasnt had for a LONG time.

Looking forward to the return of Sami. She was way overused for so long that I got sick of her but shes been gone long enough now that I do miss her and welcome a visit.

The JJ/Clyde stuff is silly and needs to end.
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