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Haven't read that yet - or this, http://www.hitfix.com/whats-alan-watching/the-leftovers-co-creator-explains-crazy-season-2-opening-perfect-strangers-gag from Sepinwall (bits of the Damon interview we shouldn't have seen until after watching the premiere), but I didn't think the opening scenes were THAT oblique... It's background info for Jarden. We see the tremors for the first time, a couple tragedies, and a couple of 'miraculous' saves from near-death. Made enough sense to me.

I thought it was a really interesting and bold choice to keep us from seeing anybody we knew until 40 or so minutes in.

Seemed John was very cruel to Isaac... Even if Isaac IS a fraud (looks like his reading was pretty on point, though), burning down his house like that... Not very nice.

I wanna know more about the lady in the wedding dress watering her lawn...

Edit, after reading the Vulture - I like that. 'Except this time, the baby makes it.'
- after reading Sepinwall's review - I didn't notice that the rescuer looks like Nora, but that makes sense, given Nora's recent 'adoption' via baby-on-the-doorstep...
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