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Spoilers for Week of Oct. 12TH

Monday October 12:
Chad realizes who’s been framing him for murder.
Sami returns to Salem!
In Paris, Sonny is affected by Will’s message and decides to go home.

Tuesday October 13:
Andre puts Aiden in a tough position.
Marlena and Lucas express deep concern over Sami’s behavior.

Wednesday October 14:
Theresa fights to make sure Kate doesn’t shut her out at Basic Black.
Nicole breaks disappointing news to Eric.

Thursday October 15:
Pushed over the edge, Sami tries to commit murder!
Paul helps John with his search into the past.
Sonny has an emotional reunion with Adrienne and Justin.

Friday October 16:
Rafe unknowingly questions the real Necktie Killer as he tries to clear Chad’s name.
Sonny and Paul have a fraught encounter.
Stefano blames Abigail for what’s happened to Chad.

-The latest murder victim hits close to home for Rafe and Hope.
-Chad finds himself in a life-threatening situation.
-Rafe and Hope discover even more evidence linking Chad to the murders.
-Sami is overwhelmed with memories of the past.
-Marlena continues to defend Chad’s innocence.
-Stefano makes a heartfelt plea to Chad.
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