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I'm a little lost. I don't remember the details of the ending, just remember being pretty disenchanted with it all. I agree with Krystal, Alicia scraping for bond cases seems silly, though I can sadly attest to the inexorable machine indifference of the law at that level.

Is there a good quick recap somewhere, especially how Alicia's 'election fixing' ended, and how she ended up out in the cold from Florrick-Agos-Lockhart. I thought she proved she DIDN'T have anything to do with election rigging.

Maybe since I was out of the loop I wasn't very engaged. I thought the CotW was dumb, and the stuff with Eli weak. I did like seeing Margo Martindale and that could become something, but right now it just seems way too far fetched that Peter could be on the national stage with Alicia as 'the good wife' given their separate lives.

I did like Lucca, despite the stupid stuff with the Chagall.
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